Who We Are

Nepal House Society aims to alleviate the su ering of traumatized children in Nepal. Civil war followed by civil and political unrest has taken their toll on the children of Nepal. They have been on the receiving end of violence, exploitation and a lack of protection from local, municipal and national authorities.

Nepal House was established to provide a means for children to heal and recover from abuse, neglect, violence, trauma and the loss of innocence. Through the use of art, play, and talk therapy, children are given something beyond two meals a day and life in an orphanage that o ers such little hope.

Nepal House trains Nepali Professionals (teachers, social workers, nurses; etc) to use therapeutic means to build connections and support children in becoming whole after a traumatic event has interrupted their lives. In turn, these Nepali counselors provide training and support to orphanage sta , school counselors and other para-professionals in the community.
Experienced counselors, social workers and professors from Canada, USA and other countries volunteer their time and pay their own way to Nepal to share their expertise with our Nepali sta .

Our Founding